Make your children

The centre of our world


30 years of experience

Providing children the nurturing environment they need


An inclusive Kindergarten in Sliema, Malta

Welcoming children of all races, creeds, and backgrounds


Noddy’s Kindergarten

At Noddy’s Kindergarten Malta, we have over 30 years of experience in providing children with the nurturing environment that they need to discover and learn about themselves, and the world around them. We make your children the centre of our world, just as they are the centre of yours.

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Our Activities

We provide a rich and varied programme of activities to stimulate, entertain, and engage your child whilst reinforcing their learning skills. We place a big focus on creativity and believe that developing their imagination through play and education is the key to shaping a well-rounded individual.

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Individual Attention

The environment at Noddy’s strikes a careful balance between providing your child with the necessary individual attention and encouraging group interaction. This results in the development of the soft skills that they will need as they mature, and start to further explore the outside world.

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The Story

Noddy’s Kindergarten Malta was founded in 1987 and to this day it remains situated in a beautiful townhouse in Sliema – one of the most desirable and central locations on the island. Welcoming children of every nationality, race, and creed- Noddy’s is the perfect place for your child to flourish.

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